Prolog Story Generator
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Storify - A Prolog Story Generator

Storify will take a given set of actions and states and generate a story.

The story world is based on a homework assignment created by Piper Jackson at Simon Fraser University. Please refer to this image to better understand the story world.

The world is currently setup as a graph of doubly connected nodes, you may change the world by altering the values of connected(A, B) in the sourcecode.


story([get(hero, treasure), move(hero, home)], A, [at(hero, home), at(treasure, dungeon)], W).

Example Output

A = [travel(hero, home, forest), travel(hero, forest, dungeon), take(hero, treasure), travel(hero, dungeon, mountains), travel(hero, mountains, home)],
W = [at(hero, home), has(hero, treasure)].

The first parameter represents the goal state we wish to achieve and the second parameter, a, will contain the actions performed to achieve our goal actions.

The latter two parameters serve as the world state before and the world state after the transformations, w.

Verbose Output

You may use storify(GOAL, START). for more verbose output.

Available Actions

get(Person, Object) - Person travels to Object's location and picks up Object.

move(Person, Location) - Person travels to Location.

State Predicates

These are either true or false.

at(Object, Location), has(Object1, Object2)


To run the default test case, call test(A, W). or test_storify.