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NewsML-G2 Importer

Imports NewsML-G2 data and makes them accessible from your Wordpress installation.

Requires at least: 4.1.1
Tested up to: 4.2.2
License: GPLv2

Official downloadlink


This plugin provides an simple and easy way to import NewsML-G2 documents into Wordpress and to publish them as posts inside your blog.
It imports all .xml documents containing NewsML-G2 data found in a provided folder into the Wordpress database and saves them as newsml_post.
newsml_post is a custom post type with a few additional metafields which contain the data, that's stored in the NewsML-G2 document.
You can access the files through HTTP and FTP. If provided, you can use a file called rss.xml. This file needs to have the filenames to import in an element inside an element for each file.


  1. Upload the folder 'newsml-g2-importer' to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. On the 'Settings' page enter the URL containing the desired NewsML-G2 files. If you are using FTP, enter your FTP credentials and check the corresponding checkbox.
  4. If desired check the rss.xml checkbox if you want to get your filenames out of a rss.xml file.
  5. Click the "Import Media Topics" button to import all mediatopics from the IPTC server. Warning! This may take a while.
  6. After the mediatopics are imported, click the "Update newsposts" button to import all NewsML-G2 messages found in the denoted folder or the rss.xml file. Warning! This may take a while.
    This will also register the cron for the automatic updates.
  7.  	apply_filters( 'newsml_include_filter', '' );
    Paste this snippet into the content.php or single.php file of your theme (preferably before the_content()) where you want the subtitle, author, date, categories, locations and post images to be shown.
    The name of the file depends on the used theme.
    Possible/known filenames: content.php, single.php, content-single.php
  8. Set your Permalinks structure through the 'Settings -> Permalinks' menu in Wordpress to 'Post name'. Otherwise your newsml_posts will not be shown.

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