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[LIBCLOUD-614] multiple bugfixes and improvements to GCE #360

wants to merge 8 commits into
base: trunk
Commits on Sep 16, 2014
  1. GCE: healthcheck: add description param to ex_create_healthcheck(); t…

    Phreedom committed Jun 30, 2014
    …argetpool: multiple bugfixes
    Fix #1:
    targetpool = driver.ex_get_targetpool('tpname')
    node.destroy() # targetpool still contains the node
    targetpool = driver.ex_get_targetpool('tpname')
        # targetpool.nodes contains node uri string (in addition to possible other node objects)
        # as produced by _to_targetpool because the node is in the pool but is destroyed
    targetpool.remove_node(node) # raises an exception, removes the node nevertheless.
    Expected behavior: remove the node, return true
    Fix #2:
        # targetpool.nodes contains 2 copies of node
        # actual targetpool resource on the GCE side doesn't contain 2 copies
    Expected behavior: no duplicates in targetpool.nodes, the node list matches GCE side
    Fix/Improvement #3:
    Allow specifying nodes by fully-qualified node uri in add_node and remove_node.
    if tp.nodes:
      tp.remove_node(tp.nodes[0]) # fails if the node in the list doesn't exist
    exoected behavior: should be able to remove any node from the list
    GCE allows adding non-existent nodes to the targetpool and doesn't automatically
    remove nodes from the pool if you delete them. libcloud should support doing the same.
  2. GCE: fix ex_targetpool_add_healthcheck and ex_targetpool_remove_healt…

    Phreedom committed Jun 30, 2014
    The requests were malformed and thus did nothing.
  3. GCE: add a parameter to ex_create_address to promote specific ephemer…

    Phreedom committed Jul 1, 2014
    …al addresses to static ones.
  4. GCE: add description parameter to ex_create_forwarding_rule, improve …

    Phreedom committed Jul 2, 2014
    …tests; fix documentation and test fixtures for health checks
  5. GCE: ex_create_firewall: allow creation og firewalls with sourceRange…

    Phreedom committed Jul 2, 2014
    …s = [], preserve behavior for sourceRanges = None, preserve default value.
    GCE documentation states that firewall allows traffic
    if it matches either sourceRanges or sourceTags values.
    Thus, sourceRanges = [] is a valid parameter value.
    Although it would be better to simply set [""]
    as the default, for minimal API breakage, None value is
    still supported.
Commits on Sep 19, 2014
  1. GCE: lint

    Phreedom committed Sep 19, 2014