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markt-asf committed Apr 9, 2019
1 parent 9ea280c commit 15fcd16
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3 changes: 1 addition & 2 deletions java/org/apache/catalina/ssi/
Expand Up @@ -41,8 +41,7 @@ public long process(SSIMediator ssiMediator, String commandName,
} else {
Collection<String> variableNames = ssiMediator.getVariableNames();
for (String variableName : variableNames) {
String variableValue = ssiMediator
String variableValue = ssiMediator.getVariableValue(variableName, "entity");
//This shouldn't happen, since all the variable names must
// have values
if (variableValue == null) {
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3 changes: 3 additions & 0 deletions webapps/docs/changelog.xml
Expand Up @@ -101,6 +101,9 @@
Tomcat used to resolve standard XML DTDs and schemas when Tomcat is
configured to validate XML configuration files such as web.xml. (markt)
Encode the output of the SSI <code>printenv</code> command. (markt)
<subsection name="Coyote">
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