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experimenting with reddit data.

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Some tools to pull data from reddit, and do stuff with it, like loading it into Couchbase Server.

lein repl
; Get the name, title, and number of active accounts for the top 10 subreddits
reddalyzr.startup=> (map (juxt :display_name :title :accounts_active) (take 10 (reddit/listing "reddits/popular")))
(["pics" "/r/Pics" 14538] ["funny" "funny" 17086] ["politics" "Politics" 3860] ["gaming" "gaming.reddit: what's new in gaming" 10674] ["AskReddit" "Ask Reddit..." 17818] ["worldnews" "World News [ no US / US Politics news please ]" 1578] ["videos" "Videos" 4491] ["IAmA" "I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal." 10132] ["todayilearned" "Today I Learned (TIL)" 3530] ["WTF" "WTF?!" 8164])

Using the reddit data grabber

Set some environment variables before starting it up:

export COUCHBASE_BUCKET=default
export COUCHBASE_URI="http://my-cluster:8091/pools/"
lein run

Check out the source.

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