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Tool to build tectonicus's configuration xml from the old command-line options
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This project aims to restore Tectonicus' old command line options in light of
their removal in favor of an xml configuration file.  While an xml
configuration is fine in itself, it lacks certain flexibilities that command
line options provide.

When this script is completed, it will:

* Restore Tectonicus' old command line options.
* Support the new features of Tectonicus as they come out.
* Possibly provide a prettier command line output while rendering - no more
    wall of scrolling text.
* Error checking of values before they reach tectonicus and possibly detection
    of failed previous renders (this is more of a whishlist item).

Currently this script retains most of the old options, although now they are no
longer key=value pairs, but --option=value pairs.  Migration to this new format
should be fairly painless as all the option names are retained.

This script is still very much a work in progress and currently only outputs an xml
file that Tectonicus can use.
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