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Name Win Lin Mac Description
APLTreeUtils Yes Yes Yes General utilities; :Included in most of the following scripts
CompareSimple Yes no no Compare two APL objects, either in WS or on disk (if SALT or acre managed)
Compare Yes no no Compare and possible merge two namespaces
DateAndTime Yes Yes Yes Cast date and time, do maths with date, calculate Easter, week number and more
EventCodes Yes Yes Yes Provides symbolic names for all trappable events
Execute Yes n/a n/a Start a new process or application
FilesAndDirs Yes Yes Yes Deal with files and directories
GitHubAPIv3 Yes No No Interface to GitHub's REST API (version 3)
HandleError Yes Yes Yes Error trapping on a general level
IniFiles Yes Yes Yes Dealing with INI files
Logger Yes Yes Yes Writing Log Files
MarkAPL Yes Yes Yes Converts Markdown to HTML5
OS Yes Yes Yes Anything related to your operating system
ServiceState Yes n/a n/a Interface between Windows Services and APL applications
SevenZip Yes Yes No Interface to the Open Source zipper 7zip
ShowChmHelp Yes n/a n/a Display help files and topics within help files
Tester Yes Yes Yes Test framework for Unit tests
WindowsEventLog Yes n/a n/a Dealing with the Windows Event Log
WinReg Yes n/a n/a Dealing with the Windows Registry
WinRegSimple Yes n/a n/a Dealing with the Windows Registry
WinSys Yes n/a n/a Get information closely related to Windows
  • "No" : the application could run under that OS but has not been extended yet.
  • "n/a" : there is no point in making the application available under that OS, usually for technical reasons.
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