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Sublime Manpage

SublimeManpage is small plugin for calling man utility from Sublime Text 2 editor. Result is opened in new tab inside the editor.

Plugin now works also on platforms other than Linux and OS X. Though in a limited way.


Install with Package Control.

Command Palette > Package Control: Install Package > SublimeManpage

Or clone this reporitory from github:

$ git clone


Package is shipped with default configuration prepared for C language - sections 2, 3 and 3p (system calls, function calls). In default, exact match is disabled. Exact match can be turned on/off from Command Palette.

You can edit the configuration in the user settings.

Preferences -> Package Settings -> SublimeManpage -> Settings - Default


Command Palette > Preferences: SublimeManpage Settings - User

    "sections" : [ "2", "3", "3p"],
    "exact_match" : false

If you need some other sections, just append the section number to this list.

Exact match

The plugin now supports an exact match functionality. You can turn it on/off either manually or from command palette.


Use Manpage: Open manual page option, from command palette or on OS X key binding super + shift + m or key binding ctrl + alt + m on Linux. This will pop up a form in which you can write the function name.

Another possibility is to use super + alt + w or ctrl + alt + w on OS X and Linux respectively to lookup the word under the cursor directly.

If exact_match is set to true, plugin will open manpage for the first exact match in specified sections.

Windows (*) support

On windows ((*) any platform other than linux and os x), manual page is opened in web browser. The plugin currently uses In this case, plugin does not support listing matching functions but opens first exact match according to sections as defined in settings.

If functions is not found, an error message is raised.


Levente Varga, Hector Hurtarte nirm03


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.