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Appcelerator Entourage
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+                        Appcelerator Entourage                                         +

 Build Prerequisites

To build Appcelerator Entourage from source, you will need the following

  - Ruby 1.8.6 or greater <>
  - RubyGems with the following gems: rake, hoe, hpricot, json, maruku, rubyzip

To build the platform installers, you will need the following:

  - Mac OSX - you will need to install XCode 3.0 from the extra CD or download
    from Apple
  - Win32* - you will need to install NSIS installer
  - Unix - no additional third-party software is required at this time.

* For building NSIS on OSX/Unix, you can download the non-Win32 compiler which
will allow you to build the Win32 installer on other OS platforms.  For example,
on OSX, if you have darwinports installed, you can install NSIS with:

  > port install nsis

If you would like to build Titanium alongside the Entourage, you will need to
checkout Titanium from <> and
then set the  environment variable 'TITANIUM_DIR' to the directory.  You will
also need to follow build instructions in the titanium project before building.
If you don't want to build  titanium or don't have it checked out, you can still
build Appcelerator Entourage with no problems.

 Build Instructions

To build everything, you can execute rake normally, like:

  > rake

To build a specific component, you can run rake with one or more tasks, like:

  > rake service:java

Each Rakefile is built into several sub-components, each within their own
directory structures and Rakefiles.  The main components are:

  - runtime (includes both command-line binary and installers)
  - services
  - websdk

You can execute a specific component with the task <component>:<name>. For
example, to build the Java Service:

  > rake service:java

Or, to execute a build of all services, you could do:

  > rake service:all

All components have an `all` target.  For example:

  > rake services:all
  > rake websdk:all
  > rake runtime:all

To build a specific installer, you could just specify the OS. For example:

  > rake runtime:win32 
  > rake runtime:unix
  > rake runtime:osx

To have rake print additional into, you need to set an environment variable.
From a bash shell you can run:

  > export VERBOSE=true; rake

 Getting Assistance

If you need more assistance, please go to the Appcelerator Developer Community 
at <>.

We invite you to visit us on IRC at #appcelerator on

To report a bug or make a feature request, please visit our Issue Tracking
portal at <>.

If you are interested in becoming a community developer and contributing to
Appcelerator Entourage, please contact us at <>.

-- The Appcelerator Team

 Legal Stuff 

Copyright (C) 2006-2008 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
For more information, please visit <>.
Appcelerator, Appcelerator Entourage, Titanium and logos are trademark of
Appcelerator, Inc.

Please see the file named LICENSE for the full license.
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