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Swift Package Tests

Automated tests for validating the generated Swift snapshots behave correctly.


You are expected to check this repository out as a peer of "llvm" in the swift-project.

Run the tests using:

sh ./litTest -sv --param package-path=/path/to/downloadable-package .

where the path is the unarchived package root path.


Here is a partial list of tests in the repository:

Test Name Functionality
basic Check output of swift --version
example-package-dealer Build the example package-dealer package
repl Various REPL sanity checks, notably importing Darwin and Glibc
swift-build-self-host Use swift build to build itself
swift-compiler Compile a basic swift file
test-c-library-swiftpm Build a package that links a 3rd party library
test-foundation-package Build a package that imports Foundation
test-import-glibc Compile a source file importing and using Glibc
test-multi-compile Compile multiple source files into an executable
test-multi-compile-glibc Compile multiple source files importing Glibc into an executable
test-static-lib Compile multiple source files into a static library
test-xctest-package Build a package that imports XCTest
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