Probot App to help you write better on GitHub.


This Probot App listens for changes to Markdown files (.md) or text files (.txt) and runs various checks against them to provide feedback on the English. Currently, the app checks for spelling, prose and inclusive verbiage. This is done by leveraging existing open source libraries, which you can find listed below. Here's how it looks in action:


What it checks

A non-exhaustive list of the various checks that are run:

  • Correct spelling (and provides possible corrections).
  • Use of non-inclusive/profane/offensive language.
  • Various prose-related checks, find the full list here.


Visit the installation page and install the GitHub App on your repositories. That's all there is to it ❤️


There are currently three providers that the app uses to test your text. These can each be disabled, and are all enabled by default. To disable a provider, add a .github/write-good.yml file to your repository and set the provider to false:

# .github/write-good.yml
writeGood: true
alex: true
spellchecker: true


This Probot App is mostly a wrapper around existing open source libraries. The majority of the work is done by those, and they deserve a ton of thanks:

Future work


prosebot is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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