A .NET library for LINQ functionality on immutable arrays.
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LinqArray is a pure functional .NET Standard 2.0 library from Ara 3D that provides LINQ functionality for immutable arrays, rather than streams, while preserving O(1) complexity when retrieving the count or items by index. It is performant, memory efficient, cross-platform, safe, and easy to use.


LinqArray is a set of extension methods build on the following IArray<T> interface:

interface IArray<T> {
    int Count { get; }
    T this[int n] { get; }

Because the interface does not mutate objects it is safe to use in a multithreaded context. Furthermore, as with LINQ for IEnumerable, evaluation happens on demand (aka lazily).

Extension Methods

LinqArray provides many of the same extension methods for IArray as LINQ does for objects implementing the IEnumerable interface. Some examples include:

  • Aggregate
  • Select
  • Zip
  • Take
  • Skip
  • Reverse
  • All
  • Any
  • Count


The project is under heavy development but the core functionality is fixed.

Similar Work

This library is based on an article on CodeProject.com called LINQ for Immutable Arrays.

Unlike LinqFaster by Jack Mott evaluations of functions happen lazily, and have no side effects. This means that this library can be easily used in a multi-threaded context without inccurring the overhead and complexity of synchronization.