A grants program to support the development of the ecosystem https://blog.aragon.one/introducing-aragon-nest-1aa8c91c0566
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Aragon Nest

A grants program to support the development of the ecosystem.

Aragon Nest is brought to you by your friends at Aragon and Placeholder.

The goal of the program is to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions around Aragon and Ethereum. There are a lot of people and teams out there who just want to create great things without worrying about money. Not every project needs an ICO, not every team needs a business model, and not every piece of software needs a team or an employer. The Nest program was created to meet circumstances like these and provide funding to those who wish to step up and construct such relevant software or non-software solutions. We are not interested in funding startups or monetizable solutions.

More information

How to submit a proposal for a grant?

  1. Make sure the Proposals for grants don’t have an existing proposal for something similar to your idea or project. If there is a proposal close to your idea or project, join the discussion of that Proposal to see if your idea or project could be integrated into the existing one, or if you should create a new proposal

  2. If nothing similar exists, create a new Proposal for grants at the Nest Repository, fill it out in detail following the Guide for submitting a proposal for grants and discuss if we should consider it for a grant

  3. After step 1 or 2, if you feel ready to apply for a grant see the Guide for submitting a new request for funding and follow these steps:

Proposals should abstractly describe problems or products, not their implementations

The difference between the proposal stage and the request for funding stage is that in the proposal stage we will focus on determining if the idea is worth pursuing and should be considered for a grant. In the request for funding stage we focus on determining if the team will be able to deliver and the feasibility of the timeline/roadmap, milestones and deliverables.

Grant sizes

Funding: From $50,000 up to $100,000 in ETH, split into chunks paid out over achieved deliverables.

Success reward: Up to $50,000 in ANT, given out when all deliverables are ready.

Engage the community and discuss! The community and Aragon will review the submissions and get back to you