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Go Training

To learn about Corporate training events, options and pricing please contact:

William Kennedy
ArdanLabs (www.ardanlabs.com)

Our Experience

We have taught classes to thousands of students for over the past two years and all around the world.

Our classes are perfect for both experienced and beginning engineers. We start every class from the beginning and get very detailed about the internals, mechanics, specification, guidelines, best practices and design philosophies. We cover a lot about “if performance matters” with a focus on mechanical sympathy, data oriented design, decoupling and writing production software.

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More About Go

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Although it borrows ideas from existing languages, it has a unique and simple nature that make Go programs different in character from programs written in other languages. It balances the capabilities of a low-level systems language with some high-level features you see in modern languages today. This creates a programming environment that allows you to be incredibly productive, performant and fully in control; in Go, you can write less code and do so much more.

Go is the fusion of performance and productivity wrapped in a language that software developers can learn, use and understand. Go is not C, yet we have many of the benefits of C with the benefits of higher level programming languages.

Learn More - Go Team
Simplicity is Complicated - Rob Pike
Getting Started In Go - Aarti Parikh

Minimal Qualified Student

The material has been designed to be taught in a classroom environment. The code is well commented but missing some of the contextual concepts and ideas that will be covered in class. Students with the following minimal background will get the most out of the class.

  • Studied CS in school or has a minimum of two years of experience programming full time professionally.
  • Familiar with structural and object oriented programming styles.
  • Has worked with arrays, lists, queues and stacks.
  • Understands processes, threads and synchronization at a high level.
  • Operating Systems
    • Has worked with a command shell.
    • Knows how to maneuver around the file system.
    • Understands what environment variables are.

Important Reading

Please check out this page of important reading. You will find articles and videos around mechanical sympathy, data-oriented design, Go runtime and optimizations and articles about the history of computing.

Before You Come To Class

The following is a set of tasks that can be done prior to showing up for class. We will also do this in class if anyone has not completed it. However, the more attendees that complete this ahead of time the more time we have to cover additional training material.

Joining the Go Slack Community

We use a slack channel to share links, code, and examples during the training. This is free. This is also the same slack community you will use after training to ask for help and interact with may Go experts around the world in the community.

  1. Using the following link, fill out your name and email address: https://gophersinvite.herokuapp.com/
  2. Check your email, and follow the link to the slack application.
  3. Join the training channel by clicking on this link: https://gophers.slack.com/messages/training/
  4. Click the “Join Channel” button at the bottom of the screen.

Installing Go

Local Installation

I do not recommend using homebrew or apt-get.


Using Docker

Installing Go may not be needed if you choose to use Docker. With running a gotraining container, you can download the training material at any location on your disk without having to set $GOPATH. And you can still access (e.g. for editing) the training materials locally.

git clone https://github.com/ardanlabs/gotraining.git
cd gotraining

NOTE: This assumes you have Git installed. If you don’t, you can find the installation instructions here: https://git-scm.com/

To build and run docker container to start your training right away, see here.


Visual Studio Code






For a full list of editors, see the wiki: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/IDEsAndTextEditorPlugins

Installing the Training Material

While many of the examples can be done using the online playground (http://play.golang.org), some may find it easier to complete them with their local editor. To do so, you will want to load the training material locally to your machine. From a command prompt, issue the following commands:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/github.com/ardanlabs
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/ardanlabs
git clone https://github.com/ardanlabs/gotraining.git

NOTE: This assumes you have Git installed. If you don’t, you can find the installation instructions here: https://git-scm.com/

Starter Material

Quick Tour


Go Get The Training Material

go get github.com/ardanlabs/gotraining


William Kennedy (@goinggodotnet)
William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studio in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.

Going Go
Running MongoDB Queries Concurrently With Go
Go In Action

IT World Canada

GopherCon India - Go In Action
GolangUK - Dependency Management
GopherCon 2014 - Building an analytics engine
GothamGo - Error Handling in Go

Vancouver Meetup - Decoupling From Change
London Meetup - Mechanical Sympathy
GoSF Meetup - The Nature of Constants in Go
Bangalore Meetup - OOP in Go
Vancouver Meetup - Compiler Optimizations in Go

Your Tech Interviews are Scaring Away Brilliant People
The 4 Cornerstones of Writing Software
Bill Kennedy on Mechanical Sympathy

Daniel Whitenack (@dwhitena)
Daniel Whitenack is a PhD trained data scientist/engineer with industry experience developing data science applications for large and small companies, including predictive models, dashboards, recommendation engines, and more. Daniel has spoken at conferences around the world (Gopherfest, GopherCon, and more), maintains the Go kernel for Jupyter, and is actively helping to organize contributions to various open source data science projects.

Data Dan
Elephantine Analytics

O'Reilly Data Blog

GopherCon 2016 - Go for Data Science

Go Time - Episode 4

John Gosset (@jgosset_)
John is a consultant and software developer based in Montreal, Canada. He works on server software and embedded systems, and has worked with organizations large and small in both the public and private sectors - from the Canadian government and FinTech companies to small carpet manufacturers in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. He is also a contractor for RedHat, and volunteers with the Software Carpentry Foundation to help research scientists learn programming fundamentals. He believes coding is a useful skill for anyone to have, and is passionate about helping make it more accessible to everybody.

GopherCon Brazil - Go Scratch That Itch


Ian Molee (@ianfoo)
"The unflappable @goinggodotnet demystifying Go stacktraces at #ultimatego day 3 at @tune. Thanks for leveling us up."

Camilo Aguilar (@c4milo)
"Holy cow, the best lighting talk I have ever seen about mechanical sympathy by @goinggodotnet. Here at #gophercon"

Jessie Frazelle (@frazelledazzell)
"@goinggodotnet you were amazing!!! So enthusiastic!!! Thanks for doing this for everyone!"

Kelsey Hightower (‏@kelseyhightower)
"Day 1 of the [Ultimate] Go workshop was outstanding! Big shoutout to @intel, @golangbridge, and @goinggodotnet for bringing this to Portland."

Katrina Owen (@kytrinyx)
"OH: "You thought you knew Go..." (You do Go? You want to do Go?) You should take this workshop. Seriously.) "

Ian Molee (@ianfoo) "If you're at @GopherCon, get yourself to a session with @goinggodotnet. Superb! Pretty sure his pic appears with the definition of "dynamo.""

Matt Oswalt (@Mierdin)
"Should be mentioned that though I am no expert, I have been using Go for about a year - and this meetup is kicking my ass."


Ana-Maria Lazar, Software Engineer at Sainsbury's
"Intensive crash course in Go that literally takes you to a whole new level. Not only Bill provides lots of examples and exercises to familiarize yourself faster with the language but there is also a lot of information that can be applied to other languages as well. Perfect combination!"

Greg Hammond, Founder & CEO at Best Option Trading
"Bill helped me learn enough Go to work with him and his team to take a program with a lot of complexity, accumulated over years, and make it into an enterprise product. As architect, he made it more extensible, tested, and created an external API. Bill has a gift for writing readable code that is easy to reason about. He demonstrates coding restraint by favoring code that is maintainable, rather than relying upon overly clever solutions. At the same time, he is a performance hawk, always thinking about how to cut milliseconds from runtime. When I began the project with Bill, I was under pressure from both schedule and cost perspectives. He put in extra effort at the end of the project to deliver what I needed. I highly recommend Bill for his well-written book, his 'Ultimate Go' course, and development work through Ardan Labs."

Susan Dady, Software Engineer - GE Digital
"Rarely will you come across a course as worthwhile as this one. I learned many things relevant and useful in my daily work and William's energy kept me engaged. I came back to work excited to get coding in Go."

Paul Garvey, Software Engineer - GE Digital
"Looking back I am grateful I took the GoLang training course. I had planned to just buy a few books and learned it on my own. In retrospect that would have been a bad decision as I would missed out on all the pitfalls, best practices, practical exercises and discussions the instructor imparted from his years of experience in the field, writing a book and blogging with other gophers. In the end I felt I learn more in 3 days then I could reading books and learning GoLang on my own and all my colleagues who took the course all share this view. We also share the view that Bill the instructor brought an enthusiasm and energy to the course that made a really technical course easy to learn. I would recommend anyone who want to learn Go to sign up with Mr Kennedy. At the end of the course you will feel like you are ready to rewrite all your old apps in Go :-)"

Richard Stanley, Software Engineer - GE Digital
"Not only does Bill deeply understands the technical details of Go, he also can explain them in an effective, enthusiastic manner that helped me retain somewhat dry material. His passion for the language and its capabilities are obvious through out his training."

Shalab Goel, Ph.D.
"It was a pleasure taking this course — learning lot of "dry" stuff in such animated and enthusiastic environment. The exercises were spot on for building what you called as "memory muscle. I have good amount of background in conventional multithreaded and distributed environments, but I have not put that knowledge to use more recently; so it was good refresher from that point of view as well. From Yuck to completely Wow-ed is how I will like to describe my respect for Go within three days. I knew nothing about GO before the course."

Geoff Clitheroe (@gclitheroe)
"Your training is awesome! Myself and three colleagues recently caught variations of the training at GopherCon and OSCON. We all thought the Bootcamp was the best thing at any of these conferences (and I went to both). Awesome work to Bill for presenting and anyone involved in developing the training. I really liked the structure, emphasis on deeper understanding, me doing a small number of examples to emphasize this, and general content. Night and day to other training which is to often just watching someone else live code. Great work."

ACL Services (@ACLServices)
"I'd just like to thank you again for just a phenomenal training session. The feedback from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. You probably could tell first hand that there were skeptics at first, but you've turned many into golang converts and we are really excited in growing golang adoption internally."

Joshua Shuster (@naysaier)
"I would consider Ardan Studio's 3 day course to be invaluable. Bill and his staff, being some of the foremost authorities in the Go language, were able to make many of the complex go topics understandable. Covering everything from memory management, all the way up to building concurrency programs and web API's. It has given me the knowledge to write idiomatic Go, and make the best use of its features. I would highly their courses to anyone new to Go, or to anyone wanting to widen their existing knowledge."

Neeru Dwivedi
"I attended the one day workshop by Bill Kennedy from Ardan Labs. I was in for a surprise as before the workshop I was concerned whether I would understand concepts and whether I would be able to follow along. Bill has this wonderful way of explaining concepts and his knowledge on the concepts is so good that, I didn't feel that I was learning something new & complicated. The Go Workshop got me started on the Go language. This workshop is perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to learn more about Go. I highly recommend this."

Todd Rafferty (@webrat)
"I highly recommend William Kennedy / Ardan Lab for Go Training. William is extremely passionate about the Go language and his energy feeds into his training. Very professional, very informative. My favorite section of his training, if I had to pick, was the segment on MultiWriters. I highly recommend a 3 day course, over a 2 day course. Even after the classes were over, William was always responsive with additional questions via various social media channels."

Georgi Knox (@GeorgiCodes)
"The Intro to Go Workshop enabled me to come into class with very little knowledge of Go and leave having a firm grasp of the key concepts of the language. Each topic was followed up with hands-on coding problems which helped to solidify what I was learning. My teacher Bill was not only approachable, but very excited about the language and his enthusiasm was contagious. I enjoyed that we talked about some of the lower level implementation details of Go which was something that I had found lacking from some books on the language. Overall I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to learn Go quickly and effectively."

Jackie Heitzer (@JackieHeitzer)
"Great course and a perfect introduction to Go. Bill is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the Go language and I am excited to speak with him about Go in the future. The training had an excellent format with hands on coding examples. After the class I feel as though I have a better understanding of the key concepts, especially how pointers work. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about Go."


If you are interested in holding an event in your area please let me know. I will work with you and your organization to help make it happen. I can talk in person or over Google Hangout.


    Type        Ultimate    Venue                   City, ST                Month       Trainer             Url
    Public      Adv Go      Golab                   Florance, IT            January     Bill Kennedy        http://golab.io/
    Corporate   Go          GNS Science             Wellington, NZ          January     Bill Kennedy
    GoBridge    Go          Framingham              Framingham, MA          February    Bill Kennedy        https://www.bridgetroll.org/events/329
    Public      Adv Go      GopherCon India         Pune, India             February    Bill Kennedy        http://www.gophercon.in/go-workshop/  
    Public      Data        GopherCon India         Pune, India             February    Daniel Whitenack    
    Public      Adv Go      SUNY Potsdam            Potsdam, NY             March       Bill Kennedy  
    Public      Go          Fire Tavern             Atlanta, GA             March       Bill Kennedy        https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ultimate-go-atlanta-march-2017-tickets-31036843033
    Corporate   Go          Jazz Networks           London, England         March       Bill Kennedy
    Public      Adv Go      GDG DevFest             Siberia, Russia         April       Bill Kennedy  
    Public      Adv Go      China Conference        ShangHai, China         April       Bill Kennedy  
    Public      Adv Go      Singapore Conference    Singapore               May         Bill Kennedy  
    Public      Adv Go      GopherCon               Denver, CO              July        Bill Kennedy
    Public      Data        GopherCon               Denver, CO              July        Daniel Whitenack  


    Type        Ultimate    Venue                   City, ST                Month       Trainer             Url
    Corporate   Go          Capital One             Richmond, VA            January     Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          BOT                     Miami, FL               January     Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          CISCO                   Lawrenceville, GA       February    Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Bol                     Utrecht, Amsterdam      March       Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          GE                      San Ramon, CA           March       Bill Kennedy
    Free        Go          WWG                     SF, CA                  March       Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Fidelity                SLC, UT                 March       Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          SAS                     Cary, NC                March       Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Ardan                   Minneapolis, MN         March       Cory LaNou
    Public      Go          Minio                   SF, CA                  April       Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Salesforce              Dublin, Ireland         April       Kevin Gillette
    Corporate   Go          CapitalOne              Richmond, VA            April       Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          HP Enterprise           Seattle, WA             May         Cory LaNou
    Corporate   Go          CISCO                   Lawrenceville, GA       May         Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Rackspace               San Antonio, TX         May         Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          OSCON                   Portland, OR            May         Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Intel                   Hillsboro, OR           May         Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Staples                 Framingham, MA          May         Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Halio                   London, England         June        Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Shutterfly              Phoenix, AZ             June        Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          GopherCon               Denver, CO              July        Cory LaNou
    Public      Adv Go      GopherCon               Denver, CO              July        Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Red Ventures            South Carolina          August      Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          GolangUK                London, England         August      Cory LaNou
    Public      Adv Go      GolangUK                London, England         August      Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Tune                    Seattle, WA             August      Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Nordstroms              Seattle, WA             September   Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          Viacom                  NYC, NY                 September   Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          CapitalOne              McLean, VA              September   Bill Kennedy
    Free        Go          WWG                     London, England         October     Bill Kennedy        https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/8373-women-who-go-workshop-with-bill-kennedy
    Public      Adv Go      Rackspace               SF, CA                  October     Bill Kennedy        https://www.eventbrite.com/e/advanced-ultimate-go-san-francisco-oct-2016-tickets-26919899143
    Free        Go          WWG                     SF, CA                  October     Bill Kennedy        http://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Go/events/232670825
    Corporate   Go          Traderev                Toronto, Canada         October     Bill Kennedy        http://www.helpingcanadacode.com
    Public      Go          dotGo                   Paris, France           October     Ernesto Jimenez
    Public      Kubernetes  OSCON                   London, England         October     Brian Ketelsen      http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/open-source-eu/public/schedule/detail/54454
    Corporate   Go          Centralway              Zürich, Switzerland     October     Bill Kennedy  
    Public      Go          GothamGo                NYC, NY                 November    Bill Kennedy
    Public      Go          Dev Fest                NYC, NY                 November    Bill Kennedy        https://generalassemb.ly/education/devfestnyc-ultimate-go-training/new-york-city/30237
    Public      Data        GDG DevFest             Siberia, Russia         November    Daniel Whitenack    https://devfest.gdg.org.ru/en/
    Corporate   Go          Hootsuite               Vancouver, Canada       November    Bill Kennedy
    Corporate   Go          CISCO                   San Jose, CA            November    Cory LaNou
    Corporate   Go          Viacom                  NYC, NY                 December    Bill Kennedy        
    Corporate   Go          Intel                   Zapopan, Mexico         December    Ernesto Jimenez     

Past Years

    2015 : 33 Events
    2014 :  3 Events

Contact Information

William Kennedy
Ardan Studios
12973 SW 112 ST, Suite 153
Miami, FL 33186

Running Docker

Install Docker Toolbox

Build Docker container

# current path is the source root where Dockerfile exists
docker build -t ardanlabs-gotraining .

Start Docker container

docker run -it -v "$PWD":/go/src/github.com/ardanlabs/gotraining ardanlabs-gotraining
# or start container with downloaded gotraining in the image
docker run -it ardanlabs-gotraining

Remove gotraining container and image

docker rm -f $(docker ps -a | grep ardanlabs-gotraining | awk '{print $1}')
docker rmi -f $(docker images -a | grep ardanlabs-gotraining | awk '{print $1}')

All material is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004.