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Arduino Studio

  • Arduino is an open-source tool used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a micro-controller) and a development environment that allow you to run, write and upload computer code to the board.

  • Arduino Studio is a new open source development environment for the Arduino Programming Language. Instead of a monolithic architecture and a centralized development model, Arduino Studio take advantage of Adobe Brackets Editor's pluggable system. We are working hard to allow users to exploit Arduino Studio as stand-alone, web/cloud-based and on-board embedded editor. Just one editor for all the environments. Arduino Studio is now available as an alpha release, in-bundle distribution for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows or as a easy-to-install Brackets Extension.


  • Take advantage of Brackets editor's architecture;
  • One editor for all environments: Cloud-based on your browser, Stand-alone on your PC and Embedded on your board;
  • Written in Javascript and Node.js as Brackets extensions or as a stand-alone software;
  • Brand new User Interface;
  • Code Completion and in-line Quick Language Reference;

Work in progress

  • Community plugin manager. Contributed Themes, additional Functionalities and Libraries are welcome!
  • Platform manager for third parties boards, architectures and toolchains;

More Informations

If you're interested in modifying or extending the Arduino Studio software, we would be very happy if you did it! If you want to integrate your work into the official release please create a pull request at

If you're interested in collaborating please contact us!


Ready-to-run software and instructions are available on Labs

Credits is an open source project, developed by many and based on:

A special thanks to Daniela Antonietti, Hernando Barragán, David Cuartielles, Ben Fry, Tom Igoe, Gianluca Martino, David A. Mellis, Massimo Banzi and Casey Reas for their works and inspirations.

Arduino Studio uses the GNU avr-gcc toolchain, avrdude, avr-libc, and code from Processing and Wiring.

Icon and about image designed by ToDo

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