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GitHub Actions action to make Task available for use in your workflow


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A GitHub Actions action that makes the Task task runner / build tool available to use in your workflow.



The version of Task to install. Can be an exact version (e.g., 3.4.2) or a version range (e.g., 3.x).

Default: 3.x


(Optional) GitHub access token used for GitHub API requests. Heavy usage of the action can result in workflow run failures caused by rate limiting. GitHub provides a more generous allowance for Authenticated API requests.

It will be convenient to use ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}.


To get the action's default version of Task just add this step:

- name: Install Task
  uses: arduino/setup-task@v2

If you want to pin a major or minor version you can use the .x wildcard:

- name: Install Task
  uses: arduino/setup-task@v2
    version: 2.x

To pin the exact version:

- name: Install Task
  uses: arduino/setup-task@v2
    version: 2.6.1


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