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Brings the MooTools 1.x Class sugar to Prime

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Prime with Class

Make Prime Classy.

If you're used to MooTools 1.x Class, and think prime is too basic? Classy will give you your familiar features:

  • Mixins (Implements)
  • .parent (Will wrap methods)
  • Will clone/reset objects and arrays in the prototype to prevent shared objects
  • Alias Implements, Extends and initialize
  • Tries to be compatible with the MooTools 1.x Class API.

Wrapping functions and reseting are not very elegant however. I would advice to use the basic prime wherever possible.


  • Implement Class.Mutators
  • Create another Classy implementation that will break 1.x API
    • I'd rather see a .parent without wrapping
    • Don't reset/clone objects
    • Create a nice packages with some nice additional goodies like:
      • Class.Bind (by @cpojer)

Building and testing

To test and build Classy run:

# run this once to install the devDependencies (wrapup and mocha)
npm install -d

# install other dependencies (MooTools prime)
npm install


Other targets in the Makefile are build, build-min or test.

Testing is done with mocha, and building is done by wrapup.

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