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FireFly is an awesome URL shortener.
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FireFly Build Status

FireFly is a simple URL shortener for personal (or enterprise) use.

About Firefly 2.0

Firefly 2.0 is currently in development, master may be unstable or not even work at all. Check the 1-5-stable branch if you need an URL shortener today.

The master branch contains the next version, 2.0.0-pre, of Firefly and is not suitable for any kind of serious use at this time.


Firefly was started in 2009 as side project to dive into the world of URL shorteners. I've been using Firefly since then for my own domain and many others have joined me.

After writing the last 1.5.x release in 2011 I kind of forgot about Firefly.

Nearing the end of 2015 I picked it Firefly up again and I'm now in the process of dusting of the cobwebs and giving Firefly a beautiful make-over.


See LICENSE for more information.

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