YANG models published and supported by Arista Networks
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Arista Networks YANG Repository

This repository contains the YANG models published by Arista Networks.

Arista EOS supports YANG-model based configuration management and streaming telemetry over gNMI (the gRPC Network Management Interface), NETCONF, and RESTCONF. YANG models are encoded as JSON in Google Protocol Buffers by gRPC, XML by NETCONF, and JSON by RESTCONF.

The top-level directories distinguish the EOS release. Inside each are release and experimental directories.

The release/ directory contains the fully supported Arista YANG models. Fully supported means that the models are fully reviewed, commented, and tested, and will continue to be supported by EOS releases going forward.

The release/openconfig/ directory contains the Arista augmentations and deviations for OpenConfig models supported by EOS. Full OpenConfig models can be found at github.com/openconfig/public.

The experimental/ directory contains the Arista YANG models that do not meet the criteria for being under release/, but which we want to make available to customers who need them before they are fully supported.