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Filemanager package for Laravel 5
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Filemanager package for Laravel 5 Features such as creating directories or subdirectories uploading files(currently images/pdf but customizable) This package is fully customizable you can apply any changes you might gonna need. It is developed on laravel 5.3 so it works perfectly on this version but shouldn't have problems with lower versions.


  1. Run this command.
  • composer require xerobase/filemanager dev-master
  1. Then add this provider to your config/app.php file.
  1. Then run php artisan vendor:publish

  2. And finally run php artisan migrate

Now you can enjoy your new filemanager!

Basic Usage

After successfully installing filemanager it is accessible by visiting this route :

http://{your laravel project url}/filemanager/files

Of course you can change it however you want.

All files and directories are stored inside file_manager directory,under your project storage/app directory.

This package uses database to store any needed information about directories structure, files format and etc.

table name is filemanagers.


This package is fully customizable, it uses lots of jQuery to do all the ajax requests.

You can change the view file(change template) or any part of backend logic in it's controller file.


This package xerobase/filemanager is created by Armin Abbasi and is released under MIT License.

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