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User documentation

Relevant user documentation and other useful resources are found here. Pre-built binaries of AngelCAD are found here.

Building AngelCAD

AngelCAD build system is based on Code::Blocks and CPDE as described in cpde_utils. To build AngelCAD it is required to install Code::Blocks and configure it as documented. On Linux, the g++ compiler is used. On Windows, MSVC2013 or newer is required (the free 'express' versions of MSVC are ok).

Furthermore, CPDE requires building and configuring the following 3rd party libraries

Library Description/Comments
wxWidgets Static library build, see instructions
boost boost_system, boost_filesystem, boost_thread
msgpack C/C++ version. Not strictly required for AngelCAD build, but recommended

Since AngelCAD 1.5-06, FreeType is also required.

The best way to build the 3rd party libraries is to run the build scripts found in the cpde_3rdparty repository.

libraries required

Before building AngelCAD, you must build the following workspaces, containing libraries used

Workspace Libraries required by AngelCAD
cpde_syslibs cf_syslib, ce_angelscript, ce_angelscript_ex
spacelibs spacemath, spaceio, polyhealer, dxfdom

Applications included

The following applications are included in the build

Application Description
as_csg AngelCAD script compiler
AngelCAD AngelCAD GUI editor/IDE
AngelView AngelCAD 3d file viewer
polyfix command line 3d file repair utility
dxfread command line DXF file reader
csgfix command line preprocessor of OpenSCAD .csg files


AngelCAD uses the xcsg application as the boolean engine. Build it or install a prebuilt binary of xcsg