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ACLs management for errbot in errbot
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ACLs management for errbot in errbot


!repos install

# Add an administrator group
!group add administrators
# Add a member to the administrator group
!group add user administrators @user
# Add the Profile plugin to the restricted access
!access add Profiles:*
# Authorize the administrator group to access
!access add group Profiles:* administrators

These commands should be done by an errbot administrator to be able to use Profiles after adding it to the restricted access.


Restrict commands

  • !access add Plugin:*
  • !access add my_command

Remove restrictions

  • !access del Plugin:*
  • !access del my_command

Show restrictions

  • !access list

Add groups

  • !group add mygroup

Remove groups

  • !group del mygroup

Add a user to a group

  • !group add user mygroup @myuser

Remove a user from a group

  • !group del user mygroup @myuser

Show groups

  • !group list

Add a group to access restricted commands

  • !access add group Plugin:* mygroup
  • !access add group my_command mygroup

Remove group from acceding a restricted command

  • !access del group Plugin:* mygroup


Issues and PR are welcomes

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