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This repository contains code for KubeCon EU 2017 that implements a simple controller that watches for a Third Party Resource called Backup. When the controller receives any event on Backup, it fetches the state of some part of the cluster in which it's running and logs it to the console.

See below for usage instructions.

Install the Watcher

Install the watcher to your cluster with the following command:

helm install --name=kubecon-watcher --namespace=default --set docker.tag=c0ffcab ./charts/watcher

Note that the watcher may restart a few times and even go into CrashLoopBackOff until the Backup third party resource definition it relies upon is created. This behavior is expected, and good practice.

Install a Backup

To tell the watcher to back up all pods, create a Backup in the cluster:

helm install --name=kubecon-backup --namespace=default ./charts/backup

Clean Up

Simply run the following command to clean up:

helm delete --purge kubecon-watcher kubecon-backup