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Git LFS server

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Simple HTTP(S) server for Git Large File Storage with PAM authentication.

$ ./ -help
Start Git LFS server

  lfs_server [ROOT]

=== flags ===

  [-cert file]    File of certificate for https
  [-key file]     File of private key for https
  [-p port]       TCP port to listen on
  [-pam service]  PAM service name for user authentication
  [-s address]    IP address to listen on
  [-verbose]      Verbose logging
  [-build-info]   print info about this build and exit
  [-version]      print the version of this build and exit
  [-help]         print this help text and exit
                  (alias: -?)

By default, it starts on http://localhost:8080 and treats current directory as ROOT. All object files are stored locally in ROOT/.lfs/objects directory.


From binary packages:


HTTP server without authentication

./ -verbose -s IP_ADDRESS -p PORT

A server will ignore credentials passed by LFS client, and accept all connections. To enable authentication, you need to specify PAM service.

HTTP server with PAM authentication

./ -verbose -pam login -s IP_ADDRESS -p PORT

It will use built-in login PAM service defined in /etc/pam.d/login file.

Warning: LFS client uses HTTP basic authentication, so using HTTPS is a must!

HTTPS server with PAM authentication

./ -verbose -pam login -s IP_ADDRESS -p PORT -cert domain.crt -key domain.key


  • Multi server support
  • Create OPAM package
  • Add max file size option
  • Add connection timeouts
  • Authentication
  • Automated tests
  • Setup Travis continuous builds
  • Setup Coverals
  • Remove incomplete/broken temporary files
  • Upload validation (calculate SHA-256 digest)
  • Reject uppercase SHA-256 hex digests
  • Fix HTTPS urls
  • Rearrange files in release package and remove redundant libs
  • Add logging
  • Check SIGQUIT and SIGINT are handled correctly
  • HTTPS support (trivial to add)
  • Speed-up uploading (fixed in cohttp, see #330)