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This is a core Artsy Mobile OSS project, along with Energy, Eidolon, Emission and Emergence.

Don't know what Artsy is? Check out this overview and more, or read our on team culture.

Want to know more about Eigen? Read the mobile blog posts, or eigen's specifically.


Get setup here. Further documentation can be found in the documentation folder.

Work at Artsy?

Instead of make oss below, run make artsy. Then you'll want to find "Eigen" in our Engineering 1Password for your ENV vars, CocoaPods Keys should ask during the pod install.

The file Artsy/App/Echo.json is not checked in (a sample file is included for OSS contributors). When you run pod install, the latest Echo.json file will be downloaded for you. See note in Podfile.

Quick Start

Note: We currently require using Xcode 11 for development, with the latest version (11.3) recommended. You can find all versions of Xcode from Apple's Developer Portal 🔐.

You'll need:

  • Node installed (whichever version is listed as the engine here).
  • Yarn installed, too.

Want to get the app running? Run this in your shell:

git clone
cd eigen
gem install bundler
bundle install --without development distribution

make oss # or make artsy

bundle exec pod install --repo-update
open Artsy.xcworkspace

# finally start the react-native bundler
yarn start

This will set you up on our staging server, you will have a running version of the Artsy app by hitting Product > Run (or ⌘R).

Note: bundle exec pod install may fail the first time you run it (due to a bug in a dependency of ours). Re-running the command should work.

Updating Emission

To update the version of Emission used, check out the docs.


For how we deploy, check out the dedicated documentation:


Thanks to all our contributors.


MIT License. See LICENSE.

About Artsy

This project is the work of engineers at Artsy, the world's leading and largest online art marketplace and platform for discovering art. One of our core Engineering Principles is being Open Source by Default which means we strive to share as many details of our work as possible.

You can learn more about this work from our blog and by following @ArtsyOpenSource or explore our public data by checking out our API. If you're interested in a career at Artsy, read through our job postings!

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