Positron is Artsy Writer or the editorial tool for Artsy.
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Positron is Artsy Writer or the editorial tool for Artsy.



Build Status


  • Install NVM
  • Install Node 6
nvm install 6
nvm alias default 6
  • Fork Positron to your Github account in the Github UI.
  • Clone your repo locally (substitute your Github username).
git clone git@github.com:craigspaeth/positron.git && cd positron
  • Install node modules
yarn install
  • Create a .env file in the root of the project and paste in sensitive configuration. You can copy the .env.example and fill in the sensitive config with the config vars from staging heroku config --app=positron-staging.

    ( note: Leave non-sensitive configuration as it appears in the .env.example rather than copying over the config vars from heroku config --app=positron-staging. )

  • Positron uses MongoDB as a database. To install MongoDB using homebrew do the following, if you would prefer to install manually check the documentation at MongoDB
brew install mongodb
  • Start the MongoDB database
  • Install and run elasticsearch
brew install elasticsearch
elasticsearch -d
  • Start the server
make s

Additional docs

You can find additional documentation about Positron (deployments etc) in this repository's /doc directory.