jQuery Plugin to render a tristate checkbox control
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@aseldawy I added lots of feature to this plugin to make it usable.

  • Compatibility with FireFox and Chrome

  • A method to initialize the state programmatically

  • A method to retrieve state programmatically

  • Callbacks when state is changed

  • Compatibility with jquery 1.1 or later

  • Auto linking with labels that were already linked with the original checkbox

I also added sample file for how to use it. In the original plugin, I had to dig into source code to know how to use it.


@bcollins I needed a tri-state checkbox for a client's project and didn't find much on the web that I thought was suitable. The one at shamsmi.blogspot.com/2008/12/tri-state-checkbox-using-javascript.html was close, but the Javascript was unnecessarily complex (although he may have been trying to avoid framework dependencies). As far as I'm concerned, jQuery is Javascript.

I have shamelessly stolen the images in Shamsmi's package and wrote this simple plugin.

How to use

Here's a simple example

 <input type="checkbox" id="accept"/>
 <label for="accept">Accept</label>


The above code will convert the checkbox inplace with a tristate. The user can now interact with it as if it was a checkbox. When the form is sent the value of the checkbox will be either “checked”, “unchecked” or “intermediate”. You can also determine its value from JavaScript using the call


or set its current value using


You can also prepare a callback to be fired whenever the state changes

$('#accept').bind("stateChanged", function() {
 alert("Hey! You changed the state");

or in the jQuery way

$('#accept').stateChanged( function() {
 alert("State is now " + $(this).getState());

You can override the default images path in initialization


Possible initialize options are initialState: Either “checked”, “unchecked” or “intermediate” imgPath: A path where the images are located. autoIntermediate: Allow the user to set the “intermediate” state after: I don't know. Ask bcollins :)