Use Proclaim to release features to target users inside your Django project.
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Djando-proclaim is a django application that allows one to easily release new features to a subset of users.

Still very much a work in progress, this just outlines what the goal is.


NOTE: This application expects a Redis server running on localhost. Eventually I'll make that configurable, but for now it makes the most sense.


Basically one would use this app to split their Django project up into features that you can roll out to individuals, groups or a percentage of users. Many sites implement a similar strategy to catch bugs or see how new features are received.

Disclaimer: I am not really happy with the interface currently and am having issues deciding the best course of action. Here are the two options I am looking at for templates:

Option 1:

{% proclaim "feature1" %}
    ... handy new feature of your site ...
{% endproclaim %}

Option 2:

{% proclaim "feature1" "path/to/template.html" %}

I think the second one looks cleaner, but I am not sure about it. May be nice to keep all "feature templates" in snippets until they are implemented? Who knows... I am still on the fence.

From the command line, add a percentage of users to 'feature1':

This will allow every fifth user to see "feature1": $ python proclaim "feature1" --percentage="20" --activate

Add a group to feature2: $ python proclaim "feature2" --group=Admins --activate

See which target is active for "feature3": $ python proclaim "feature3" >>> Group: Admins

You can always just use the proclaim in your or to target specific users with new features.


Copyright @ 2010 Curt Micol, see LICENSE for details.