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The virtual home of all source code related to Amity Linux Assistance Sapience. Want to give a talk? Head to logistics and open an issue.


  1. Public

    ALIAS Official Website Repo

    JavaScript 17 77

  2. amibot amibot Public

    A Whatsapp bot for Amizone. Powered by the go-amizone API

    TypeScript 25 16

  3. blog blog Public

    Welcome to the home of the blog, ALiAS Writes, the land of the free and open-source software.

    11 24

  4. amibot-tg amibot-tg Public

    Amibot on steroids: A Telegram bot for Amizone, powered by the go-amizone API!

    Python 7 6

  5. talks talks Public

    ALiAS Talks

    7 12

  6. Public

    ALIAS Lucknow Official Website Repo

    JavaScript 7 10


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