A bitcoin trading bot written in node - https://gekko.wizb.it/
askmike [GB] Add GBP, ADA and QTUM to Kraken & make coinbase markets dynamic (#…

* Fixed minimal order quantities. Added GBP for newly supported currencies.

* [GB] add coinbase market JSON, update kraken markets withh GBP, ADA, QTUM

* [GB] add coinbase market JSON gen script
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exchange [GB] Add GBP, ADA and QTUM to Kraken & make coinbase markets dynamic (#… Oct 23, 2018
importers/exchanges v0.6.5 (#2428) Aug 10, 2018
logs add logging for UI gekkos, fix #972 Aug 20, 2017
plugins bugfix #2548 if no strategy.historySize found, than get it from tradi… Oct 8, 2018
strategies make sure we only move the trail up Aug 27, 2018
test mv triggers into gekko broker Aug 27, 2018
web Fixed getFee() for binance exchange (#2578) Oct 20, 2018
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package-lock.json v0.6.6 Aug 27, 2018
package.json v0.6.6 Aug 27, 2018
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subscriptions.js add trigger event subscriptions Aug 27, 2018


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Gordon Gekko

The most valuable commodity I know of is information.

-Gordon Gekko

Gekko is a Bitcoin TA trading and backtesting platform that connects to popular Bitcoin exchanges. It is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.js.

Use Gekko at your own risk.


See the documentation website.

Installation & Usage

See the installing Gekko doc.

Community & Support

Gekko has a forum that is the place for discussions on using Gekko, automated trading and exchanges. In case you rather want to chat in realtime about Gekko feel free to join the Gekko Support Discord.


If Gekko helped you in any way, you can always leave me a tip at (BTC) 13r1jyivitShUiv9FJvjLH7Nh1ZZptumwW