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Google App Launcher

Simple access to Google Applications with a tool bar button

Get on AMO

Currently has links to popular Google applications in a 3x3 grid. There is some customization support to pick the 9 apps and the order.

Supported apps:

  • gplus: Google+
  • gmail: Gmail
  • gcal: Calendar
  • gdoc: Docs
  • gsheets: Sheets
  • gdrv: Drive
  • gphotos: Photos
  • gmaps: Maps
  • gplay: Play
  • gytube: YouTube
  • gnews: News
  • gwall: Wallet
  • ghang: Hangouts
  • gcont: Contacts
  • gtrans: Translate
  • gkeep: Keep
  • gmusic: Music
  • gslides: Slides
  • ginbox: Inbox
  • gallo: Allo
  • gclass: Classroom
  • google: Search

Known issues

  • Unit tests not working
  • Possible conflict with icons png used from Google's assets.
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