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Aspose.OMR for Cloud

Aspose.OMR for Cloud is a REST API that helps you to perform optical mark recognition in the cloud. We provide a series of SDKs. Along with that, you can get binaries to start working immediately and recognize various OMR forms.

Developers can embed optical recognition in any type of application to extract data from images of tests, exams, questionnaires, surveys, etc. In the repository you can find examples on how to start using Aspose.OMR API in your project.


The repository contains sample applications that demonstrate how to perform common OMR with Aspose.OMR API.

Directory Description
Aspose.OMR.Client An open source .NET application with GUI that helps you work with OMR templates and perform OMR operations.
Aspose.OMR-Cloud.SDK Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK provides functionality for using Aspose.OMR for Cloud API to recognize optical marks from sheet images in the cloud. It also contains demonstration console project.
TestData Sample images and templates that demonstrate how OMR works on real data.
aspose-omr-cloud-demo-data Submodule with data required to run Aspose.OMR.Demo


You can perform tasks out of the box without writing a single line of code. That requires two simple steps:

1. Receive Cloud Keys

Aspose.Cloud credentials are required to use Aspose.OMR for Cloud API. You can acquire App SID and App Key by registrating at Aspose Cloud Dashboard. It will take only a couple of minutes.

2. Get OMR Client

Check releases section and download MSI package that installs OMR.Client. Using this GUI application you can create OMR templates, correct or update existing OMR templates and perform optical mark recognition using Aspose.OMR.Cloud engine.

More info and documentation can be found at: Client documentation

Get familiar with OMR Client with short Quickstart video:

Aspose.OMR Client Quickstart

Using OMR Cloud API in your projects

It is quite easy to use OMR in your projects. All you need to do is:

  1. Get Aspose Cloud credentials - App Key and App Sid.
  2. Install Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK via nuget.
  3. Use OMR.Client to create templates or use one from our examples.
  4. Start using OMR functions and get recognition results.

Check Aspose.OMR.Demo solution for a simple demonstration of how OMR functions can be called from your code.

How does it work?

Simply prepare your questions with our simple markup language. Below you can see survey example.

What do you get?

You’ll get a nice and sharp survey ready to print!

What is next?

Simply make mobile snapshots or scan filled forms, upload them into OMR.Client or call API and you have the results!


In the upcoming releases, we are set to implement a number of new features:

  • Reduce your expenses by preprocessing and compressing your images
  • Simplify OMR form preparation by introducing an easy markup language. For example, to get the particular survey form ready you only need to provide questions and answers
  • Support PDF
  • Support barcodes and QR codes generation and recognition
  • Support Clip Areas
  • Grade OMR results based on rules
  • OMR.Client usability improvements: more hints&tips, built-in printer and scanner support
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • Support diverse interviewee’s marks (ticks, crosses, corrections, etc) on various forms with the use of neural networks
  • Support multipage templates
  • Handprinted text recognition