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Astropy ( is a package intended to contain much of the core functionality and some common tools needed for performing astronomy and astrophysics with Python.

Releases are registered on PyPI, and development is occurring at the project's github page.

For installation instructions, see the online documentation or docs/install.rst in this source distribution.

For system packagers: Please install Astropy with the command:

$ python --offline install

This will prevent the astropy_helpers bootstrap script from attempting to reach out to PyPI.

Project Status

Astropy's Travis CI Status Astropy's Coveralls Status Astropy's Appveyor Status

For an overview of the testing and build status of all packages associated with the Astropy Project, see

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Contributing Code, Documentation, or Feedback

The Astropy project is made both by and for its users, so we welcome and encourage contributions of many kinds. Our goal is to keep this a positive, inclusive, successful, and growing community, by abiding with the Astropy Community Code of Conduct.

More detailed information on contributing to the project or submitting feedback can be found on the contributions page.

A summary of contribution guidelines can also be used as a quick reference when you're ready to start writing or validating code for submission.


Astropy is licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see the LICENSE.rst file.