Is a project of file for attack other sites on server.
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PHP Octopus


PHP Octopus is a only file with destiny of scanner a shared server, searching by sensible files from other users as files of database settings, system settings and folders with write permissions.


PHP Ocotpus


git clone

Using - Youtube Link

PHP Octopus


alt tag


alt tag

Search Files

  • index.php file
  • root folder writable
  • files default of config database
  • file of config database Drupal 6
  • file of config database Drupal 7
  • folder /image/ and /tmp/ writable in Joomla
  • folder /wp-content/uploads/ writable in WordPress
  • file of config database vbulletin
  • file configuration.php of config database joomla
  • file wp-config.php of config WordPress
  • file of config system Laravel
  • file of config system Codeigniter
  • file of config system Symfony
  • file of config system Zend Framework
  • file .htaccess
  • file php.ini