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This repository has been archived by the owner before Nov 9, 2022. It is now read-only.

Releases: ata4/disunity

DisUnity v0.5.0

18 Jan 21:40
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  • Mostly rewritten code using features of Java 8.
  • New command line interface: commands are no longer words separated by dashes. Instead, they act like sub-commands, e.g. for bundle unpack, "unpack" is the sub-command of "bundle". This hierarchical system allows separate options and usage output for each sub-command and even sub-sub-commands.
  • Dropped GUI and deserialization support, will be added back later at some point.

DisUnity v0.4.0

16 Jan 15:50
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DisUnity v0.4.0 Pre-release

Incomplete snapshot of 0.4, may or may not work correctly!

  • Added experimental GUI
  • Basic support for Unity 5
  • Various code rewrites as an attempt to fix several bugs

DisUnity v0.3.4

05 Nov 03:49
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DisUnity v0.3.4 Pre-release
  • Updated internal database for Unity 4.5

DisUnity v0.3.3

20 Sep 08:56
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DisUnity v0.3.3 Pre-release


  • Fixed some model extraction issues.

DisUnity v0.3.2

17 Aug 11:11
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DisUnity v0.3.2 Pre-release
  • Removed "fixrefs" command. Place extracted scene files in the project folder root instead.
  • Changed command parsing: Global arguments (-f/-x) now need to be placed before the command!
  • AudioClips with unknown formats are now extracted as .bin files instead of being skipped.
  • Added support for Xianjian asset bundles.
  • Added support for Unity 3.5 meshes.
  • U/V coordinates are now flipped vertically to match the textures that are internally flipped by Unity.
  • Class IDs in the -x argument are now rejected properly.
  • Asset objects with Unicode names are now extracted with the correct file name.
  • Fixed some more deserialization bugs.

DisUnity v0.3.1

26 May 18:05
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DisUnity v0.3.1 Pre-release
  • Improved command line parser.
  • Added -x argument to exclude objects using certain classes from processing.
  • Added "bundle-inject" command to update asset bundles using the files from the extraction directory.
  • Fixed broken "split" command.
  • Fixed broken .resS file loading when extracting audio clips.
  • Fixed broken .splitN file loading.

DisUnity v0.3.0

17 Apr 02:01
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DisUnity v0.3.0 Pre-release
  • Fixed file name detection for split asset files.
  • Fixed texture extraction for old Unity versions.
  • Directories passed as arguments are now searched recursively for asset bundle files.
  • Asset files from asset bundles now have their own subdirectories for processing.
  • The -c argument is no longer required. Instead, the first non-switch argument is automatically assumed to be the command.
  • Added commands "extract-txt" and "extract-struct", which does the same as "dump" and "dump-structs" with the output written to individual text files.
  • Renamed "unbundle" to "bundle-extract" and added "bundle-list" to list just the packed bundle files.

DisUnity v0.2.1

10 Jan 03:25
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DisUnity v0.2.1 Pre-release
  • Improved model extraction performance.
  • Improved CLI file processor.
  • Improved output format for the "list" command.
  • Fixed some bugs when extracting uncompressed RGB textures.
  • Added support for ETC2 textures.
  • Added support for multi-image textures when writing Targa images.

DisUnity v0.2.0

29 Dec 21:36
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DisUnity v0.2.0 Pre-release
  • Uncompressed textures are now written as Targa images.
  • Added support for PVRTC and ATC texture compression using the Khronos texture file format.
  • ETC compressed textures are now extracted as Khronos textures to preserve mip maps.
  • Added support to read split asset files for Android platforms.
  • Added support to read audio data from .resS files.
  • Fixed asset files not being processed in asset bundles if they don't have a file extension.

DisUnity v0.1.3

11 Dec 18:07
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DisUnity v0.1.3 Pre-release
  • Added support to extract meshes as Wavefront .obj files (Unity 4 format only for now).
  • Added support for ETC1 textures.
  • Fixed some deserialization bugs.
  • Fixed cutoff file names if the asset name contains characters that are invalid for the current file system.
  • The fixrefs command now fixes paths with .sharedassets extension only and creates a backup first.