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Human Resource Machine solutions

This repo contains working solutions, in hopes of exchanging ideas to collaboratively come up with the most/size.speed optimized solutions (or simply to help those out there who are stuck). Even though the programs are created through a drag-and-drop interface within the game, copy/paste from/to the clipboard works as assembly source code seen in this repo.

Top Scores and more info.

File Naming Convention

The file naming convention used is:

Under the solutions folder, inside a subfolder called <level>-<level name>-<size par>.<speed par>, <size>.<speed>[.<type>]-<author>.asm

Where size and speed are the number of commands and steps of the solution, which is deemed by the game as size and speed optimized if they are equal to or less than the par numbers in its folder's name.

The optional type field is a descriptor for the type of solution (e.g. the algorithm used, whether it's an exploit etc.)

author is the GitHub username of the author of the solution.

For example, solutions/07-Zero-Exterminator-4.23/4.23-atesgoral.asm means the solution is both size and speed optimized and is by user atesgoral.


Please issue a pull request while keeping in mind:

  • The file naming convention is met
  • If you're a new contributor, edit the contributors.yml file to add yourself
  • Make sure your new solution passes tests (see below)


You need Node.js 18+ and Yarn to be installed.

yarn to install all dependencies

yarn test to run tests.

Tools Used

The tests involve the static/runtime analysis and benchmarking of each solution by utilizing: