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Agile Core

Collection of PHP Traits for designing object-oriented frameworks.

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Agile Core was created for Agile Data and Agile UI, but can be used in any other framework too. You will mostly find PHP Traits here, that add functionality into your objects such as:

  • Containers: Implements Parent/Child relations between your objects
  • Hooks: Create hooks and register callbacks with priorities and arguments
  • Initializers: Automatically execute init() method of your object
  • Dynamic Methods: Add methods dynamically into existing objects
  • Factory: Specify class name as a string
  • App Scope: Inject global "app" object and pass it to new objects

Additionally you a much better 'Exception' class for general-purpose exceptions.


Community and Support

Gitter Stack Overlfow Community Discord User forum

Install from Composer

composer require atk4/core

Agile Toolkit

Agile Core is part of Agile Toolkit - PHP UI Framework. If you like this project, you should also look into: