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Bookmarks package

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Bookmark lines in the editor.

Commands and Keybindings

Command Description Keybinding (Linux) Keybinding (macOS) Keybinding (Windows)
bookmarks:toggle-bookmark Add/remove a bookmark on the current line ctrl-shift-f2 cmd-f2 alt-ctrl-f2
bookmarks:clear-bookmarks Remove all bookmarks in the current editor alt-shift-f2 cmd-shift-f2 ctrl-shift-f2
bookmarks:view-all View all the bookmarks ctrl-f2 ctrl-f2 ctrl-f2
bookmarks:jump-to-next-bookmark Move the cursor to the next bookmark f2 f2 f2
bookmarks:jump-to-previous-bookmark Move the cursor to the previous bookmark shift-f2 shift-f2 shift-f2