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atsamd & atsame support for Rust

This repository holds various crates that support/enable working with Microchip (nee Atmel) samd11, samd21, samd51 and same5x based devices using Rust.

CI Build

CI Build

HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL - crate encodes a type-safe layer over the raw PACs. This crate implements traits specified by the embedded-hal project, making it compatible with various drivers in the embedded Rust ecosystem. Cargo features are used to enable support for specific hardware variations and features. Online documentation for commonly-used feature sets is provided:

Chip family Documented features
samd11c samd11c
samd11d samd11d
samd21g samd21g usb
samd21j samd21j usb
samd51g samd51g usb
samd51j samd51j usb
samd51n samd51n usb
samd51p samd51p usb

PAC and BSP - Peripheral Access Crate and Board Support Package

The Peripheral Access Crates (PACs) are automatically generated from Microchip SVD files, and provide low-level access to the peripherals specified by a device's SVD file.

Board Support Packages (BSPs) are provided for popular development boards, which rename pins to match silk screens or Arduino pin assignments, add helpers for initialization, and re-export the atsamd-hal crate. The BSPs included in atsamd-rs are separated in to two tiers: Tier 1 BSPs use the latest version of atsamd-hal, Tier 2 BSPs use a specific version of atsamd-hal that is not necessarily the latest.

PAC docs Provided BSPs
atsamd11c Bare atsamd11*
atsamd21e Gemma M0, Serpente, Trinket M0, Neo Trinkey, NeoKey Trinkey, QT Py
atsamd21g Arduino Nano 33 IOT, Circuit Playground Express, Feather M0*, ItsyBitsy M0, Metro M0*, MKR1000, MKR Vidor 4000, MKR ZERO, P1AM-100, SAMD21 Mini, SODAQ ONE, Wio Lite MG126, Wio Lite W600, Xiao M0
atsamd21j SODAQ SARA AFF
atsamd51g ItsyBitsy M4, Trellis M4
atsamd51j EdgeBadge, Feather M4*, Metro M4*, PyPortal, Matrix Portal M4
atsamd51p Grand Central M4 Express, Wio Terminal
atsame53j pygamer
atsame54p PathfinderZA Proto1, SAM E54 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit*

* Tier 1 BSP


The BSPs include examples to quickly get up and running with the board. Building the examples requires changing directory into one of the board support package directories, and some examples will require additional features:

$ cd boards/metro_m0
$ cargo build --examples --features="usb"

A new firmware can be made from one of the examples:

  1. Create a new Cargo package for the firmware cargo new my_firmware, cd my_firmware
  2. Copy the BSP example source file cp feather_m0/examples/ src/
  3. Copy Cargo config and memory layout cp -R feather_m0/.cargo feather_m0/memory.x .
  4. Add the BSP and any other required dependencies to Cargo.toml:
feather_m0 = "0.13"
panic-halt = "0.2"
  1. cargo build should create an ELF in target/thumbv6m-none-eabi/debug/my_firmware


You'll need to add the proper compilation target prior to building:

$ # for samd11, samd21:
$ rustup target add thumbv6m-none-eabi
$ # for samd51, same51, same53, same54:
$ rustup target add thumbv7em-none-eabihf


If you'd like to build all the same things that the CI would build but on your local system, you can run:

$ ./

Running and debugging firmware on target hardware

See our wiki page about loading code onto the device.

Adding a new board

See our wiki page about adding a new board.


The included SVD files are sourced from and are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (LICENSE-APACHE or

The remainder of the code is licensed under either of:

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.