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Chase Carnaroli
David Bui
Lily Pham
Rodrigo Leyva
Tâm Nguyễn

App Description

Augma AR is an artwork marketplace where users can preview a picture or painting on their own wall using AR. Sellers may upload their original artwork to sell as poster or canvas prints.

App Idea Evaluation

Evaluate app across the following categories using the App Evaluation Protocol.

  • Mobile
    • By using augmented reality, users can walk around and preview photos on the walls of their environment. This is an experience that could never be done on a traditional website.
  • Story
    • Creates a way for artists and photographers to showcase their photos and paintings, while also providing a platform to buy and sell their work with other users.
  • Market
    • Artists and photographers, big or small, can showcase their work.
    • Anyone looking to buy a painting or picture can search through our platform and see how products that they are interested in would look in their own space.
  • Habit:
    • Artists and photographers will be using this application daily to view other people's work and also to see how much of their own work has been sold.
    • Other users will use this app on an occasional basis when looking for wall decor.
  • Scope:
    • In it's simplist form, this app is an AR viewer that allows user to see their pictures on a wall.
    • We would like to build upon this and add a social marketplace aspect to it, allowing users to buy and sell paintings on the platform

User Stories

Required Must-have Stories

  • User can upload pictures
  • User can view pictures on their own wall with AR
  • User can view feed of other pictures posted to the site
  • User can submit a request to "purchase" a picture

Optional Nice-to-have Stories

  • User can search for pictures/paintings by tag

Screen Archetypes

  • Login Screen
    • User can login
    • User can register for an account
  • Search Screen
    • User can search up pictures/paintings by topic
  • Upload Screen
    • User can upload pictures
    • User can add tags and pricing with the upload picture
  • Profile Screen
    • User can see pictures they have uploaded
  • Picture Viewer Screen
    • User can view the picture in AR


Tab Navigation (Tab to Screen)

  • Search Screen
  • Upload Screen
  • Profile Screen



Video Walkthrough

Augmented Reality (AR) View

Video Walkthrough

Upload a picture

Video Walkthrough

Profile page

Video Walkthrough

Searching and viewing a picture

Video Walkthrough

App Pitch Presentation Deck

Augma AR is an artwork marketplace where users can preview a picture or painting on their own wall using AR. Sellers may upload their original artwork to sell as poster or canvas prints. Upon opening the application, the user is prompted with a login page that allows the user to either log in with their account or create an account if they do not yet have one. Not only did we focus on easy usability, we also focused on design and a clean interface. In order to achieve this look for the login page. We carefully selected images related to our overall app theme and then proceeded the blur the backround and also add a dimming effect, which resulted in a much cleaner and readable interface.

After logging in, the user is taken to the the gallery view where the user can see all of the artwork and photos that have been uploaded by other users. The user can also sort and search up for specific pieces by name or by category. After selecting on an image, the user is taken to the product page to see more information about the selected image. The user can also choose to buy the image or view the image in AR. We also created three easy buttons at the bottom that are always displayed so that the user can more easily navigate through the system if they ever want a quick and easy access to their profile page or if they want to upload a photo.

If the user selects on the "buy" button, the user is taken to the transactions page where the user can input their information and payment info. Otherwise if the user selects the "AR" button, the user is taken to the AR view where they can preview what the image would look like on their wall.

Future Implementation/Ideas

User can Resize or add frames while in AR mode. Also using AR users can scan a real world 3D object and upload that object instead of a 2D image making the 3D object avialable to other users who want to purchase, so they can have a better understanding of how the object would actually look using AR. Also may not be limited to just paintings could expand on the idea of a 3D market where users can scan anything in AR and upload it so that other users can see the product.


Artwork marketplace iOS app that utilizes the power of Augmented Reality






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