An implementation of Aurelia's loader interface to enable webpack.
Latest commit 1e31839 Jan 22, 2017 @jods4 jods4 committed with niieani chore(build): do not bundle HMR when not needed (#32)
I have cut the static dependency on `aurelia-hot-module-reload` and moved it inside the `if (` branch.
This is detected by Webpack, so that `aurelia-hot-module-reload` is only bundled when compiled with `--hot`.
This helps reduce the size of production builds.

One thing that I'm not happy with is the literal typing of field `hmrContext`. But to improve that I think we need to export `HmrContext` definition in the DTS of `aurelia-hot-module-reload` in a way that can be consumed from the DTS only with no import (e.g. define in a namespace rather than a module?).


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This library is part of the Aurelia platform and contains an implementation of Aurelia's loader interface to enable webpack.

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