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This is an example application of Dino with Rails and Pusher
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Updated dino, fixed some errors and added a readme file with instructions :D
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Rails app example with dino and pusher.

initial setup

  • clone this repo
  • cp config/pusher.sample.yml config/pusher.yml
  • put your credentials on config/pusher.yml
  • bundle install

first example

On server-side the app will send a signal to pusher every time you press the button down and another when you release the button, on client-side the app will subscribe to a pusher channel and will change the background color every time a new event is received from pusher.

second example

On client-side the app will make ajax requests every time you click the on or off, on the server-side the app will set up a led and will turn it on or off depending which button you had clicked.

  • Connect a led on GND and 12 pins.
  • click the on and the off buttons on the app page.
  • have fun!
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