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Autoware - the world's leading open-source software project for autonomous driving

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Autoware is an open-source software stack for self-driving vehicles, built on the Robot Operating System (ROS). It includes all of the necessary functions to drive an autonomous vehicles from localization and object detection to route planning and control, and was created with the aim of enabling as many individuals and organizations as possible to contribute to open innovations in autonomous driving technology.

Autoware architecture


To learn more about using or developing Autoware, refer to the Autoware documentation site. You can find the source for the documentation in autowarefoundation/autoware-documentation.

Repository overview

Using Autoware.AI

If you wish to use Autoware.AI, the previous version of Autoware based on ROS 1, switch to autoware-ai repository. However, be aware that Autoware.AI has reached the end-of-life as of 2022, and we strongly recommend transitioning to Autoware Core/Universe for future use.


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