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Avalanche Docs


This repository contains the contents for the Avalanche Developer Documentations deployed at

The site is built using Docusaurus 2.


Contributing to the docs site is a great way to get involved with the Avalanche dev community! Here's some things you need to know to get started.


  • All the doc text are located in the docs directory; image files are put under static/img directory where a sub-dir is strongly recommended if there are multiple image files for a doc.
  • The left sidebar of the page is controlled by sidebars.js.
  • Style Guide can be found here. In addition, this repository uses a series of style checking and formatting tools. See for more details and how to fix errors.
  • Extensive docs for Docusaurus can be found here.

Pull Request (PR)

  • All PRs should be made against the master branch.
  • Following a successful build, Cloudflare Pages will comment on the PR with a link to * where you can verify your changes.
  • Once your PR is merged into master, will be updated with your changes.



Local Development

yarn start

This command starts a local development server and opens up a browser window. Most changes are reflected live without having to restart the server.


yarn build

This command generates static content into the build directory and can be served using any static contents hosting service.

Please make sure that you run this command to see if there is any error in building the package, and fix them before pushing your changes.


Search is powered by Algolia and the config file is located here.