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Documentation and scripts relating to the importing of data into OpenStreetMap
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This repository houses scripts and documentation relating to the import into OpenStreetMap.

GPX upload

For uploding GPX I use jgpxupload

  • a custom script:

    cd ~/src/osm/applications/utils/gps-tracks/jgpxupload/src javac cd ~/g/ourfootprints-import ofp_pass="SEEKRT" perl script/upload-gpx ~/g/ourfootprints-data

Data conversion

To convert the .mp file to .osm I'm using

cd ~/g
git clone
cd ump2osm
git checkout ourfootprints


cd ~/g/ourfootprints-import
python ~/g/ump2osm/ ~/g/ourfootprints-data/ > ourfootprint-roads.osm

Data upload

cd ~/src
svn co


time ofp_pass="SEEKRT" sh script/upload-data 
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