Generates an OPAM compiler remote for active GitHub OCaml PRs
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Sync OCaml GitHub issues with OPAM

This command-line tool generates an OPAM repository that contains a set of compiler switches that apply patches from GitHub pull requests to OCaml.

For example, here is a shortened list of outputs:

$ opam switch --all
system  C system                      System compiler (4.01.0)
--     -- 3.11.2                      Official 3.11.2 release
--     -- 3.12.1                      Official 3.12.1 release
--     -- 4.00.0                      Official 4.00.0 release
--     -- 4.00.1                      Official 4.00.1 release
--     -- 4.01.0                      Official 4.01.0 release
--     -- 4.02.0+pr2                  Parse -.x**2. (unary -.) as -.(x**2.).  Fix PR#3414
--     -- 4.02.0+pr3                  Extend record punning to allow destructuring.
--     -- 4.02.0+pr4                  Fix for PR#4832 (Filling bigarrays may block out runtime)
--     -- 4.02.0+pr6                  Warn user when a type variable in a type constraint has been instantiated.
--     -- 4.02.0+pr7                  Extend ocamllex with actions before refilling
--     -- 4.02.0+pr8                  Adds a .gitignore to ignore all generated files during `make world.opt'

You can experiment with the lexing PR by running:

open switch 4.02.0dev+pr7
eval `opam config env`
ocamllex ...


You will need Core, Lwt and the GitHub API library.

opam install core lwt github
make install

By default, it installs into the local OPAM binary directory, and if OPAM is not installed then a PREFIX variable will install it.


$ opam-sync-github-prs -help

Generates an OPAM compiler remote for active GitHub OCaml PRs


=== flags ===

  [-compiler-version string]  OCaml compiler version
  [-github-repo string]       GitHub repository
  [-github-user string]       GitHub username
  [-output-dir string]        Directory containing the OPAM repository
  [-build-info]               print info about this build and exit
  [-version]                  print the version of this build and exit
  [-help]                     print this help text and exit
                              (alias: -?)