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A Django based shop system
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Breaking News

After many month of hard work, version 0.9 of djangoSHOP has been finally released. Please Read the Docs for additional information.

Version 0.9 is a complete rewrite of the old code base, which was frozen as version 0.2.1. The old documentation is available here.

Version 0.9 of djangoSHOP keeps the concepts of model overriding and cart modifiers. Therefore with some effort, it should be possible to migrate existing projects to this new release. Please contact me, if you need help.

To get a first impression on djangoSHOP, try out the three full working demo projects. Following the instructions docs/tutorial/intro.rst and docs/tutorial/quickstart.rst should create a running shop in minutes, prefilled with a dozen of products. You can even pay by credit card, if you apply for your own testing account at Stripe.

I'd be happy to get some feedback.

django SHOP

This version of django-shop is currently used to implement real e-commerce sites. If you want to help out, please have a look at our development documentation in docs/contributing.rst.

DjangoSHOP aims to be a the easy, fun and fast shop counterpart to django CMS.

Specifically, we aim at providing a clean, modular and Pythonic/Djangonic implementation of a shop framework, that a moderately talented Django programmer should be able to pick up and run easily.

Build status

Build Status


  • We need more tests.
  • We need translations into other natural languages.
  • The documentation should be checked by a native English speaker.
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