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EVE Trade Finder

Application Deploy: Netlify Status

Database Resources: Build Status


Implements the EVE ESI API to find:

  • the best margins inside your own station.
  • the best trades between stations.
  • the best trades between systems.
  • the best trades between regions.


The following are the base requirements to develop against this codebase. They are split up amongst base package requirements and Jekyll plugins.

Base Packages

Jekyll Plugins

Development and Deployment

The following explain the development guidelines and requirements. bundle install should install most requirements.


  • To develop locally execute jekyll serve (ensure JEKYLL_ENV=dev -- you should be fine by default)
  • To kick off a Production build:
    • On Mac open any terminal: Run JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build
    • On Windows go into CMD Prompt: Run set JEKYLL_ENV=production and then jekyll build
    • The production build must run production build command before committing as minify

Development vs. Production Sites

  • The master branch deploys is the live hosted code
    • Automatically deploys to
    • Only dev can be merged into master so feature branches need to submit pull requests to dev.
  • dev is the development branch where all features will be merged first
    • Automatically deploys to
    • New features added to dev will be tested extensively before merged into master
    • All feature branch pull requests are made to dev
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