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ECS-optimized AMI Build Recipes

This is a packer recipe for creating an ECS-optimized AMI. It will create a private AMI in whatever account you are running it in.


  1. Setup AWS cli credentials.
  2. Make the recipe that you want, REGION must be specified. Options are: al1, al2, al2arm, al2gpu, al2keplergpu, al2inf, al2kernel5dot10, al2kernel5dot10arm, al2kernel5dot10gpu, al2kernel5dot10inf, al2023, al2023arm, al2023neu.
REGION=us-west-2 make al2

NOTE: al2keplergpu is a build recipe that this package supports to build ECS-Optimized GPU AMIs for instances with GPUs with Kepler architecture (such as P2 type instances). ECS-Optimized GPU AMIs for this target are not officially built and published.


This recipe allows for configuration of your AMI. All configuration variables are defined and documented in the file: ./variables.pkr.hcl. This is also where some defaults are defined.

Variables can be set in ./ or ./


If you would like to override any of the defaults provided here without committing any changes to git, you can use the file, which is ignored by source control.

For example, if you want your AMI to have a smaller root block device, you can override the default value of 30 GB like this:

export REGION=us-west-2
echo "block_device_size_gb = 8" > ./
make al2

Additional Packages

Any rpm package placed into the additional-packages/ directory will be uploaded to the instance and installed.

NOTE: All packages must end with extension "$(uname -m).rpm", ie .x86_64.rpm or .aarch64.rpm.


  1. Deregister the AMI from EC2 Images via cli or console.
  2. Delete the snapshot from EC2 EBS via cli or console.

IAM Permissions

For details on the minimum IAM permissions required to build the AMI, please see the packer docs:


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.