A SuperCollider extension for MIR in live coding.
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SuperCollider extensions for using MIR techniques in live coding.

(c) 2016-2018 by Anna Xambó (a.xambo@qmul.ac.uk).


This set of SC classes is designed to provide a high-level approach to using MIR techniques in live coding. This system has been tested with SuperCollider 3.8 and SuperCollider 3.9.

Application Start

Drag the MIRLC files (MIRLCRep.sc, MIRLCRew.sc) to the Extensions folder of SuperCollider (suggested to create a subfolder with the same name): /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions (in Mac)

Either recompile the class library (Language>Recompile Class Library) or restart SuperCollider.

MIRLCRep Module

The MIRLCRep class is designed for repurposing audio samples from Freesound.org using and expanding the Freesound quark for SuperCollider.


  • Make sure you have an Internet connection.
  • Make sure you have a Freesound.org account.
  • Make sure to obtain an API key.
  • Install Freesound quark, which is a SuperCollider client for accessing the Freesound API and operate with sounds from Freesound.org.
  • In order to connect with Freesound.org, the type of authentication used in MIRLC is Token. Make sure to introduce your API key in the class MIRLCRep.sc and recompile the class library.

Additions to the Freesound quark

  • Asynchronous management of multiple sounds by a single query.
  • User-friendlier queries by content, similarity, tag, filter, and sound id.
  • A new user-friendly query by random.
  • A new architecture of groups of sounds with user-friendly functions for playing them in sequence and in parallel, which are managed asynchronously.
  • A new set of functions to control both individual sounds and group of sounds (e.g., play, stop, mute single sounds, solo single sounds).
  • Retrieval of sounds avoiding repetition in queries by content and similarity.
  • Retrieval of sounds avoiding inexistent results in random queries.
  • A customizable text file that prints the sounds used by title and username.

Code Examples

Live Performance Examples

MIRLCRew Module

The MIRLCRew class is designed for rewiring an audio in signal as both a control signal or audio signal using MIR techniques in SuperCollider.


  • Make sure you have either a microphone connected or audio files.

Code Examples

Version History

The code used in the concert of Noiselets 2017 corresponds to the following commit hash to GitHub: https://github.com/axambo/MIRLC/commit/3d0d27a0d1098b34694d7ef29439dac7443d5167


The MIT License (MIT).